New BRAHMS for Tuba

New BRAHMS for Tuba


In this book, John Van Houten has transcribed and edited the Studies for both low and high tuba. Each study appears twice in this book (making 20 Studies); once for low tuba and again, in a different key and register, for high tuba.

The Studies in this book were not composed for tuba. Rather, they were intended for horn. First published after Brahms’ death (1897) they bear the Opus Posthumous designation.

The Editor, John Van Houten, has projected the challenges of these Studies differently for the low and high tuba. It is difficult to maintain musical consistency in the very low register passages. The high passages require the tubist to perform the musical interpretation without being influenced by the physical demands or the proclivities of the instrument. These challenges may be magnified by switching instruments (low and high) as suggested in the text.

Brahms’ outstanding writing and John Van Houten’s careful transcribing, editing and instructive text, make this book valuable and enjoyable for all tubists.

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