Student Materials List

Student Materials List

These materials are recommended for all students.  Books from this list will be used in lessons and for the advancement of the individual musician.

Music Literature

  1. Daily Routine by Van Houten & Shafer (Handout)
  2. Complete Method for Tuba by J.B. Arban | Encore Music Publishers
  3. Complete Vocalises for Tuba by Giulio Marco Bordogni, ed. by Wesley Jacobs |  Encore Music Publishers
  4. Ten Studies for Low & High Tubas by Johannes Brahms, ed. by John Van Houten | Encore Music Publishers
  5. Sixty Etudes Op. 5 for Tuba by C. Kopprasch; Sixty Etudes Op. 6 for Tuba by C. Kopprasch (For high tuba) | Encore Music Publishers
  6. Developing High Register for Tuba Vol. 1, 2,& 3 by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  7. Fifty Etudes for Tuba by Boris Grigoriev, ed. by L. Keating Johnson & Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  8. The Complete Solfeggi for Tuba by Guiseppe Concone, ed. by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  9. 18 Preludes for Tuba by Hubert Collinet, ed. by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  10. Loud Playing for Tuba by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  11. 24 Progressive Vocalises for Tuba by H. Panofka, arr. by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers
  12. Tuba Players Orchestral Repertoire Vol. 1-16 by Abe Torchinsky (Links: 1, 2, 3, 4,& 16) | Encore Music Publishers
  13. Hal Leonard Advanced Band Method for Basses/Tuba by Harold W. Rusch with Special Studies by Arnold Jacobs (p. 46-64) | Hal Leonard
  14. Six Suites for Cello Solo by J.S. Bach, ed. by Pierre Fournier (Not Required) | International Music Company
  15. 20 Minute Warm-Up Routine by Michael Davis, performed by Gene Pokorny | Hip-Bone Music
  16. Mastering the Tuba by Roger Bobo (Not Required) | Editions Bim
  17. Technical Studies for Bass Clef Instruments by Clarke-Gordan | Carl Fischer
  18. 70 Studies for BB flat Tuba by Vladislav Blazhevich Vol. 1 & 2 | Robert King
  19. The Complete Boosey & Hawkes Tuba Scale Book | Boosey & Hawkes
  20. The Brass Gym by Sam Pilafian and Patrick Sheridan | Focus On Music
  21. Thirty-Six Studies for Trombone with F Attachment by O. Blume, arr. and ed. by Reginald H. Fink. | Carl Fischer
  22. the one hundred by Wesley Jacobs | Encore Music Publishers


  1. Breath Builder (call)
  2. Tuner: Korg CA-30
  3. Loud Metronome: Tama Rhythm Watch RW105
  4. H2n Zoom Recorder
  5. Sound In Motion by David McGill
  6. The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross
  7. The Tuba Source Book by Winston Morris & Edward Goldstein
  8. Revised Tuneup Intonation Training System by Steph Colley
  9. Balu Tuba Mute